Swiping Left on Fill Screen misaligns the next page

Hey, I have a few bugs ive been noticing but this is one i can repeat enough to write down. When in Fill Screen mode in any reading direction, swiping left causes you to move to the right end of that page rather than the left end.

This makes sense in Left to Right mode as it would position you to the start of the previous page, but not in Right to Left mode as it always positions you to the end of every next page which makes reading frustrating.

Happens on my iPhone XS Max with the latest beta in case this is a platform bug.

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Thank for the feedback @Haukea. We’ll look into this.

Did you ever find this problem? I’m still having it with the latest Panels betas on both my iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro 12.9" (2nd Gen).

We have not. Sorry :sweat:

I’ll bump this issue’s priority so we can look into it ASAP.

Additionally, would you be able to provide a screen recording with the problem. To make sure we understood it and we can reproduce it correctly.

Hehe, thats fine.

So the specific issue happens in the following conditions:

  • Fill Screen is the active reader mode
  • The reading direction is Right to Left
  • The pages themselves fill the screen on the height but NOT the width.

Under these conditions, moving to the next page puts you at the “horizontal end” of the page rather than the “horizontal beginning”. The horizontal placement behaviour would be correct if the reading direction would be Left to Right, but it seems like the reader hasnt reversed the horizontal placement when using Right to Left.

As you can see in the video, when swiping to the right the page should start from the left edge of the page, but it starts from the right edge, requiring you to always move the page before you can begin reading.

Wow thanks for the video. This is very useful. We’ll fix that in the next release.

Thanks for being patient :pray: this issue fell through the cracks and should have been fixed earlier.

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I checked with the latest version (2.8.1) and this bug still exists, though on random occasion a page will become aligned for the next page only, before becoming misaligned again.

The update has a lot of nice features though, s’pretty good :+1:

Does this happen consistently in any of your comics/manga? Could you share it with us?

We tried fixing it in the latest release but we were unable to reproduce it, even if we follow the steps on your video and instructions. Maybe it has something to do with the pages size or something. Maybe having a file that makes the bug appear consistently help us finding it. :pray: